Jennifer Graham grew up in a Military Family where moving was part of life. Having moved over 31 times, she understands the importance of knowing your Market to Sell, and the heart to heart necessity of nestling into a community when looking to Buy. Whether you want the best schools, or the best investments, Jennifer works hard on your behalf to make your goals a reality. She began her career in Real Estate in New York City in 2001. Her focus was to bring residents back to downtown following 9/11. As an Agent, she met success with multiple fortuities to not only assist people in finding their Homes, but to help instill comfort and confidence along the way. After moving back to Texas, 2006 brought an opportuntiy to expand her horizons; Jennifer picked up her license in the Lending industry to gain a thorough knowlege of the other side of the equation. This awareness has further supported smoother, more relaxing, transactions and experiences. In 2013, Jennifer again added to her skillset by working for 12 months within the Interior Design and Staging industry. This education has proven invaluable, helping to deepen her clients’ trust while also saving them time and money. Communication, Accessibility, Reliability- working with Jennifer you’ll “Look. Love. Live”- Happily Ever After!

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