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Steven C. - North Austin says

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March 2017
“I have bought and sold a number of houses in my past. I was not a fan of real estate agents since the incentives are negative towards the seller and buyer. Sell low to “get the sale” and “buy high” to obtain the highest commission. This was my past experience consistently. Most homes shown by real estate folks that didn’t meet my criteria involved discussions on why my preferences were of minor considerations. That was before Jennifer!! At first, I wondered what was the catch. Here is a real estate professional who listened to me, showed me properties that not only met my criteria, but met my “unspoken preferences”. Jennifer not only did research on the property, but on the builders as well. Once I decided to move forward, she was 100% on my side. The builder initially promised things and began to back-off their initial agreements. Note: Builders just want to sell houses, not address customer service! Jennifer was a tough negotiator and obtained for me more than I expected. She helped me buy more than a house, but a home. And by the way, there was no catch, she truly wants to make a positive difference and add value to the home search and sell. Here is one real estate professional … I trust
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